Where To Buy Sex Toys

July 25th, 2014

For any woman just getting started with sex toys deciding where to find them can be a daunting prospect. Even women who are otherwise confident can get shy and nervous when the topic of female sex toys comes up. This is something that can be overcome but you don’t need to push yourself any more than you have to in the beginning. So if you want to get the toy you want while still being comfortable you need to consider the different places that you can find sex toys. Some of the top options today include on the internet, at parties and then sex stores. This article will look at the advantages and disadvantages of all these choices so you can decide which is right for you, because being shy is no reason to deny yourself.

The first choice for most women looking to enter the world of sex toys is shopping online. The reasons are pretty obvious, you don’t have to face the potential embarrassment of visiting a sex shop full of strangers. You’re never going to run into someone you know at an adult sex store online. The main downside of shopping for toys online is that you can’t be sure exactly what you’re getting. At a store you can see the toys up close and even feel them and this is all very important when picking something as intimate as a sex toy.

On the other side of the spectrum you can get up close and personal with your fellow shoppers at one of the many adult sex store online being thrown across the world. This is an event where one woman decides she wants to sell sex toys to make some money and invites a bunch of other women over to party and shop for sex toys. This may seem like too much but many women actually find it’s easier to let go of their inhibitions when surrounded by women just like them. The downside here is that the selection may be limited and it can be awkward when someone you know is trying to get you to buy as many sex toys as possible.

Somewhere in between parties and online you have physical sex stores. These allow you to see the toys you’re shopping for up close and in person but without the pressure that comes from having an adult party planner trying to get you to buy more. The main downside is simply the stigma that’s attached, so many women and men alike are afraid of being seen in a sex toy party plan but these fears are really exaggerated so if you want to visit a store you should.

So which of these options is the right choice? That depends on you. Ask yourself which appeals to you most on a personal level and follow your instincts. Whatever you end up choosing you might as well take some time right now to go visit some of the websites that sell sex toys because it doesn’t cost you anything to look them over and ask yourself which look the most appealing.

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