Top Reasons For Having A Tantric Intercourse

July 14th, 2015

Sex is considered as the basic requirement of human beings. It not only maintains a healthy relationship between the couples but also offers a number of other benefits which most people don’t know. Generally people enjoy normal sex; there are very few who know about tantric sexual intercourse. A tantric sexual intercourse is much different from a normal sex. 

In a normal sexual intercourse, a person wants to relieve himself or throw the energy out of his body but in tantric sexual intercourse a person does not want to relieve or throw his energy out instead he wants to remain in the particular act without having ejaculation. What else are the reasons to have a tantric sex?

Deep connection: Having a tantric sexual intercourse will help you in making a much deeper connection with your partner. While you are having it you will find that you are experiencing a long lasting feeling of closeness between you and your partner. Not only this, this sex will help you in increasing the ability of overcoming lots of issues which you two might be having before. Syncing breath, good eye contact will help you to take your relationship to an upper level.

Patient: You might have experienced that when the room is dark and you are with your partner, you can’t wait for even a second without touching your partner. You might feel this awkward sometimes that why does this happen. But if you practice tantric intercourse and yoga you will see that, you are able to avoid such awkward situations and try to get better with your partner.

Creativity: there are times when you get close to your partner and start with all the old tactics of showing love to her. The partner might lose her emotions or will to make love with you. To avoid this, you can take the help of tantric yoga or sex. This teaches you how to increase the curiosity of having sex with your partner along with practicing creative things while having sexual intercourse. This will not only make your partner happy but also make your relationship better than before.

Sensual atmosphere: having normal sex cannot create such a sensual mood which a tantric sexual intercourse can create. Many people who have been practicing this have stated that a partner feels much happy when he is pampered and the mood is set to a completely new level rather than just having sex and finishing it off. Remaining in the same sensual mood is a much better option than giving a one shot and finishing it off for a while.

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