The Dog Eat Dog World Of Escort Services

September 26th, 2014

Providing escort services is a lucrative business that entices people from all walks of life. The birth of the internet has allowed almost anyone to work for themselves as it provides such a fantastic medium to market one’s products or services and reach a large audience. It is for this reason that the number of private escorts have grown, creating stiff competition in the escort services industry. Patrons can hire escorts through agencies or by searching for private escorts. Private escorts work for themselves and are not attached to any agent. An escort is likely to approach an agency when he/she has trouble finding clients. Agencies provide a bridge between escorts and clients. They do not own the escorts but are merely representing them and receive a portion of the fees that the escorts receive. An escort agency’s goal is to increase their client base and find work for as many escorts as possible. Hence, agencies try to represent as many escorts as possible so that the customer has plenty of choice and will be able to find someone that meets his/her requirements.

Agencies also aim to find clients for as many escorts as they can because an escort is likely to leave the agency if he/she is unable to find work there. Agencies maintain an escort directory so that they can easily match the client with the escorts. The more matches they make, the more profits they will obtain. Some agencies find it worthwhile to create a website to ease the process with which clients can book escorts. An online website can create publicity for the agency and simplify the purchase process, encouraging clients to patronise more frequently. Similarly, the internet has provided a cheap and effective option for private escorts to reach out to international clients, allowing many of them to thrive without the help of agencies. As such, agencies face strong business competition from private individuals which can easily find clients for themselves by marketing their services digitally. Some escorts leave agencies to work for themselves once they have built a reputation and established a strong client base.

Others that want to make it on their own try to offer specialised services based on their strengths or particular traits. One example is high class escorts that want to clearly distinguish themselves from the rest. These escorts cultivate themselves in the behaviours, manners, interests and knowledge indicative of upper class status. Such escorts make good candidates as business escorts or escorts for formal functions. High class escorts aim to maintain their reputation in offering a differentiated service, targeting a separate market of clients so they do not have to deal with stiff competition. People can hire female escorts in Melbourne for different purposes. As the industry becomes more competitive, escorts are willing to provide customised services to please their clients. This is especially so with private escorts that rely heavily on repeated customers for work. Escort agencies, on the other hand have to leverage on their credibility as an agent and prove their efficiency in matching customers with escorts in their directory. By maintaining a profile of quality escorts that are professional in the work, they will earn the trust of clients and survive in the face of increasing competition.

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