That Last Night Of “Freedom”

January 2nd, 2017

Are you entering married life soon? That would mean you will have to leave behind all the days of drunken nights, partying, staying out and flirting with all the women in your sight. It is going to be worth it for the girl that you are marrying and in a way, it is a step towards a positive, more responsible direction. But any male would know that there is a chance that they are going to miss all the days of being free. As a bachelor, this calls for a celebration with your friends, just one last time before entering the responsible married life full of seriousness.

This is where the buck’s night comes into play. It is the night of celebration shortly before you enter marriage, and it would mean that it would have to be celebrated in the best possible way. In making it a night to remember, one should call all the close friends to share the celebration. A bucks party is not just an average party where you have a few shots of drinks and leave home early. It will have to be memorable, it will have to have that raw, boyish thrill that you may have to leave behind when you marry, and steps should be taken to make this last night of “freedom” count.

In doing so, having a good party with your male friends on such an occasion would most certainly include drinking. The records of staying sober never made a good bachelor party story. Therefore, everyone should enjoy the experience, and maybe even spice it up by a little experience with pretty ladies. It will be the last day that you will be able to have such an experience with your friends, without any obligations and guilt, and therefore going for the best party idea ever will never be a bad idea. Having a mediocre party would only lead to the regret in the future.

A bachelor’s party is a bachelor’s party and what happens within the party, stays within the party. But the good memories that you make, the laughs and the stories would stay with you forever. Married life is a responsibility, and it should be respected. Even if you’re not willing to go the distance of a regular bachelor party, one should have the will to give a good party to the friends and his close ones. But before one enters the countless obligations, having just one night to have a good time with your best buddies would certainly be okay, and your future wife would definitely understand.

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