Reaching Out

July 30th, 2014

It’s in our human nature to seek companionship. Even if someone lacks the predisposition to venture into the unknown and introduce themselves to their fellow man, they want company to keep them busy and emotionally sufficient. Loners have been described as rejecting human interaction and contact but that doesn’t mean they don’t need something by their side. Even something as inconsequential as a photo album, a stamp collection or a fake guitar can bring happiness to the most socially-stunted individual. The feeling of belonging to someone or being needed by someone or something gives us purpose. Even if it’s a contemporary relationship or commitment we can feel appeased and complete as a human being and in return we have something to treasure.
No matter what, however, some people just can’t reach out to others. They may have a personality which affects their ability to communication, relate or potentially brave rejection. Consequently they shy away and enter a vicious circle whereupon their lack of initiating human contact is met with a lack of receiving human contact. The outsider’s perception of them is warped to the extent that other people back off and consider the person a lost cause. This can cause further alienation which in turn drives the affected person’s problems deeper into their hearts. This can have devastating psychological impact but it’s no one’s fault. It’s just an unfortunate consequence.
Thankfully there is a measure which can provide human contact and empathy, usually without making the affected person feel condescended upon or pitied. Believe it or not, female and male escorts aren’t just for intimate moments and releases of pent-up lust. Specific services can offer emotional support that may be otherwise unknown. Depending on the person, the escort can offer to spend time with them and, for all intents and purposes, pretend to be a friend. The client will still need to understand it’s not a permanent measure but they can practice conversation and basic physical actions which people tend to take for granted. Indeed, even holding hands can be foreign and terrifying to someone who feels shunned by the human population as a whole. Through hiring the right find an escort in Perth, these worries can be battled if even a little.
Companionship is more than expecting give and take. It’s about investing emotional equity into a relationship. You don’t always need something in return but you want to know that what you give to the other person is appreciated. However, some people struggle to take the first step. Although the reasons are unorthodox, male escorts in Melbourne can be a convenient way to take that first step. The first step then is hopefully followed by leaps and bounds. For the sake of a functioning society this is an important measure to take. The affected person may fight and be offended and that’s okay. It’s their choice. It’s just as crucial to tell them that they have other choices even if it’s not something they would normally expect.

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