Navigating The Wedding Season

June 1st, 2016

Wedding season can be hectic and fun – depending on what role you have to play. If you’re a bride or bridesmaid then while your nerves might be frazzled it’s likely that you are looking forward to the big day. However, if you are a single lady that has found herself invited to multiple weddings then this wedding season may not be something you are really looking forward to. Here’s how you can make the season more enjoyable, and easy on your purse strings!
Getting dressed up
Weddings often require that you get dressed up. Depending on the type of wedding, you may be able to get away with a sun dress, but more often than not you will find that the party often requires semi-formal attire. Rather than buy yourself a new dress for each wedding shop smart! Buy yourself a smart pair of nude coloured heels. 
Do not buy a pair with a heel that’s too high – you want to be comfortable in these shoes. Nude heels match anything and so you won’t need to worry about matching your purse or dress or jewelry to your shoes. Buy one smart black dress. You can either dress it up or down and so can wear it for a casual wedding or even a fancy one! Stick to a knee length or just above the knee so that it works as both formal and semi-formal wear.
Buy yourself a skirt in a pattern that stands out – either a floral or abstract, preferably in a silky material. You can now mix and match the skirt with various tops or layer it over a dress! You now have plenty of options and you won’t break the bank getting ready!
Bringing a date
Most wedding invitations will allow you to bring a plus one with you. Now as a single lady you have two options. Go alone with the hopes of meeting someone at the wedding or with the hopes of being introduced or set up with the groom’s brother or groomsman, or you could bring along a date or friend as a date so that you are guaranteed someone to have fun with or someone to hang out with! If neither of these options is possible and you absolutely do not want to attend the wedding alone, look up a reputed escorts in Brisbane.

A reputed escort service could help you find a smart, funny date for any one of the weddings that you don’t want to attend alone and you will likely be able to have a good laugh throughout!
Wedding gifts
You cannot go to a wedding empty handed! Most brides sign up for a registry. Check with them and look for an item that is within your budget. You need not buy them fancy electrical equipment – even something simple like special picture frames they’ve marked out that no one will get them may be the perfect gift! Keep it simple and thoughtful! A fun alternative is to buy them dinner vouchers for a fancy restaurant! They can enjoy the gift when they like and it will be unexpected and memorable!

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