More Than Just Toys

August 18th, 2014

Adult shopping online is so much more than just finding a store to buy sex toys like vibrators and dildos.  Of course any adult store is going to have a healthy supply of vibrating bits and pieces to choose from but the best online stores offer more than just the nuts and bolts of sex.  Sex is not just about a physical act and the good online stores offer some terrific advice and information for the uninitiated as well as experienced players.Lingerie is a big seller in the adult industry and not just for women.  After all, it has been said that lingerie is not just for her benefit!  Of course dressing for your man in sexy lingerie is part of the experience but when you do hit the shops, think about what might turn him on as well.  A good website that I found offered a buyer’s guide for each category of products and for items like lingerie it is a great idea to shop together so he can direct your ideas of what might be appealing and work for you both.
There are also a wide range of board games for couples such as “Nooki” and “Fetish Seductions” which can help set the mood for play.  There is no need to feel intimidated by the plethora of sex toys available, they are not “must haves” after all imagination and enthusiasm have a lot going for them.  Good online stores contain a lot of information about pleasuring your partner with and without the use of toys and lubricants.  Of course if you would like to try something new then an online store is a terrific place to start.  You can shop at home in privacy and do your research before making a selection.
All of the websites I looked at offered plain packaging and direct delivery so there is no need for the postman and your neighbours to be wondering what you have ordered from an adult shop.  Make sure you check out the returns policy of your chosen store.  Usually you can’t return items unless there is a manufacturing problem if the packaging has been opened so it is important to choose carefully.  If you feel comfortable chatting with your friends about sex toys, ask for recommendations!  Otherwise, most websites have a reviews and a blog section where you can read opinions on different brands and styles of toys and other goodies.  Be aware though that these may not be honest product appraisals so take what you read with a pinch of salt and some common sense.  Companies do pay people to write product reviews and you may not be getting the best information from the company’s own website.
The other adult shopping you can get adult sex toys online in Australia is for food and drinks to set the mood.  It has long been thought that food like oysters and asparagus are an aphrodisiac (my choice would be chocolate but that’s just me).  There are lots of great places to shop for an exotic and romantic picnic basket that you can enjoy at home or on a getaway weekend.  Set a sexy mood with your favourite treats, slip on some lingerie and let the magic happen.  It does not need to be all about toys.

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