Male Vs. Female Strip Show

I get to hear this every time from a lot of people wondering what it is like attending a male strip show and a female one. Most people feel that there is no difference amongst the both however, when you actually come to think of it, both the types are actually different to each other. Let’s see what makes both of them different.

What is it that men want?

Well, when you think from a male’s perspective, whenever they attend clubs, parties or male strip show Melbourne, all that they expect to see is female strippers that are available to show their fine bodies and are ready to do really dirty things. Their perspective of the show is that the dirtier the female gets the happier the men will be. Even though the female strippers are there to dance and entertain you in a dirty way, the men are not particularly there to see their skills with regards to dancing or how there personalities are. Let’s be honest, they are there to deeply look at their bodies and their female parts that are exposed to them. To conclude this, one can say that the female strip show or female stripping industry is more like viewing a porn in actual rather than being an entertainment for a while. So to make it clearer, all that men expect from girls are anything sexual.

What is that females want?

Now talking about the female perspective, it is entirely different than what it is of a man. When females attend parties where there are right male strippers called, they do not expect them to rub their bodies against each fact, the sole purpose of having male strippers into such parties or clubs is only for the purpose of entertainment and for a good laugh and not anything sexual. This is something that should be cleared and understood by both the parties from the very beginning so things don’t go out of place. It might be a little weird for people to understand this, but this is the fact that women are not really interested in a sexual manner and just want to have a good time to enjoy a little entertainment which is why they attend such events.

Now talking about the income of both the type of strippers, well, if the female’s stripper’s work hard, they can easily earn a lot of money as they are in very much demand by the people unlike the male strippers. The male strippers have to work a bit hard to make money in this specific industry as there are very les male strip clubs almost everywhere which is why there ratio is quiet small.