Know How To Differentiate Sore Throat From STD

January 13th, 2016

You might be suffering from a sore throat and you might be wondering whether it is a symptom of an STD. If you have reason to fear the latter, it is necessary to get tested at a medical institute as soon as possible. It is a rare symptom that STD results in a sore throat, but it can be one of the symptoms. For that reason, you need to be aware of the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea or HIV. These are diseases that can be transmitted orally and can add to the symptoms of a sore throat.
When you need to be concerned?
If you have been to a swingers party, you might want to be concerned, especially if you have indulged in oral sex that is unprotected. If you are in a trusting relationship the chances of catching an STD are rare but can happen. On the other hand, for those who have been to a swinger’s party and indulged in sex with strangers, you will need to be cautious. In case you have a one night stand and the sore throat shows up, you might be concerned as it can be a sign of an STD.
Symptoms of orally transmitted sexual diseases
There are certain common symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. Many sexual diseases are transmitted orally like among swingers parties in Sydney. One can suffer from STD of different kinds and a sore throat can be a symptom. Chlamydia is an instance of STD where the transmitting happens orally. That leads to a sore throat along with loss of voice and redness. In case the disease is severe, one might have pus formed at the back of the throat.
Other symptoms
You might have other symptoms along with a sore throat like a fever or a rash. You might also feel lethargic. These are the symptoms of gonorrhea. This kind of infection usually does not display significant symptoms, but usually show up in the system within two weeks of having unprotected sex. If some of the symptoms show up, it is necessary to get tested and treated right away so that the adverse reactions to one’s health can be contained.
Other forms of STD
The STD can take on different forms. For instance syphilis is a form where sores come up into the throat or the mouth. This kind of a disease does not leave the system easily. When you have sore throat due to syphilis you will also experience rash, headaches and appetite loss. For those who experience hard time in breathing or a dry cough, it could be indicative of HIV. The symptoms of HIV infection are various and oral fungal infection is one of the disorders that could be caused due to HIV in the system.

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