Hen Night Themes For The Active And Cultered

February 25th, 2015

When the proposal has been accepted and the wedding date has been set, all that’s left to do is to celebrate and that means a hen night to remember! If you are the sporty type or just want something completely different, then why not experience the culture of foods or wine tasting, then do it, food and drink is fun but please keep to moderation! If you like to travel, perhaps the thought of visiting the romantic city of Paris will be the place for you with the bright lights and sights to amaze you and enjoy a meal with a difference or it might be Las Vegas for a bet, maybe win the pot and make your fortune. The beautiful scenery of Italy and its home-grown food with which comes with guaranteed satisfaction, men with dark looks and who speak the language of love for the women. Visit the vineyards and taste the wines from the grapes grown locally. If that is not for you and you love the atmosphere of a carnival then take a trip to Disney land in Paris and be a child again, if only for a day and return to being an adult later on. Let your imagination run wild! Check here for more information about hens night in Melbourne. Perhaps a castle is your idea of a hen night and all the legends that unfold with it. There might be a resident ghost or noises in the night to scare you but it might not end there, a murder, mystery weekend to solve who committed the crime, find the clues and be the detective. A treasure hunt could be exciting, following the directions and the area marked X and claiming the treasure for yourself.The season of Halloween with the witches and casting spells sounds exciting and it just might be your secret passion, watch out and beware who walk your path. I know the sporty type might just fancy paint balling and bonding together in a game of tact and skill, but keeping your eye on every corner! Go karting is fun and safe to do on the track, just like the dodgems at the fair, imagine racing against the others and being the first pass the winner’s line and holding the cup, what a hero! The art of chocolate making and the use of a chocolate fountain sound delicious if you love that kind of thing. There is, of course, the other side to this subject, is eating it after you have done all the mixing and licking out the bowls when you have finished!For the girl who loves the sophisticated drinks, a weekend of cocktail making and all the fun of drinking them after creating them or a shopping weekend would be the ideal treat, imagine window shopping in London or New York and sample the night life with your guests. The afternoon tea would be the just the ticket with the posh buns and the best cup of tea around, in London, as the ladies who would have partaken daily within the high society circle or going to the other extremes could be creating pizzas and of course, enjoying the fruits of your labour. If you always wanted to enjoy champagne for breakfast served by an English butler then this is the one for you to spend your money on, splashing out on a little luxury gives you a wonderful feeling. Know more about unique hens night ideas in Melbourne at hunk mania.

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